My Father’s Death Part 7

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One day I went over to the house and used my house key to let myself in. I walked into the livingroom and asked my father how he was and if he needed anything. My father was sitting on the couch staring at me with his eye twitching just like when I was a kid when I was in his eyes in “trouble”. That look always unnerved me.

He was not happy with me because I had a conversation with his tenants about how they were taking advantage of him. He told me that I needed to stay out of it and to leave them alone because they were good kids just trying to make it and get by. I said I wasn’t trying to cause trouble for him but I was concerned about his health and safety. I was told I didn’t have to worry since his tenants were taking good care of him. That was debatable.

At this point I really had to tread lightly with my father because I didn’t want to say anything too extreme that would upset him more. On the other hand, I had to say the things that needed to be said. I mentioned that I didn’t believe any of what he said about his tenants. I added that I didn’t understand why he couldn’t see what they’re doing. Again, he refused to see them for what they were-liars and grifters.

My father told me that his tenants cared about him and considered him their father. In return he considered them his children. WTH! I reminded him that he had two daughters and 4 granddaughters that were his blood family and that I would never manipulate or take advantage of him the way they were.

My father said he only had 1 daughter and 4 granddaughters because my sister didn’t care about him anymore. I told him that wasn’t true and I didn’t know all of what transpired between them. Some of it yes but not all of it.

A few years later my father asked me why my sister didn’t come to see him. At first I didn’t have the heart to tell him because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. He said he had a couple of suspicions as to what the issues were but I neither confirmed nor denied those suspicions. Finally in he future after a few more times of him asking me I told him that his suspicions were correct. He asked why I didn’t tell him that he was right back then and I told him that I didn’t want his feelings to be hurt.

Just to be clear during my childhood and into my adulthood this was not normal behavior on my father’s part. He was an extremely good judge of character and would normally never let somebody manipulate or take advantage of him in any way.

Something changed within him that I still don’t completely understand. I guess I never will. I do think that some of it is due to the fact that his parents passed away in 1995 and 2004. He missed them terribly. My father told me this many times over the phone and in person. I don’t think he wanted to be here anymore after they both passed on.

My father also liked to live in the past regarding things with our mother who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 59 in 2001. Later on he would confess to me about how he should’ve stopped drinking when my mother asked him to. I’m assuming this would’ve been between my sister’s birth and mine. When you’re listening to your father talk like that it’s very difficult and sad at the same time. He said some other things about my mother that I debated about putting in this post. I decided against it because it’s hard to write about.

The tenants would buy beer to keep my father intoxicated so he wouldn’t know what was going on while they made their plan to take over his house and bank accounts. They saw me as the threat that could screw everything up. They knew that I wasn’t going to give up and that I was going to keep coming after them with the police until they were gone. His tenants needed to come up with a way to alienate my father from me so they could continue with their grand plan.

They settled on brainwashing and turning him against me. The end result was very simple. They wanted my father’s house and money. They saw an easy target-someone they figured they could scam and boy, did they ever scam him.

As I said in previous posts I realized the only way I could make sure that my father was OK in the future, was to go to the police station and request a welfare check. I had to do this for about 7 years. I was pretty sure that the police hated me coming in every 1-2 weeks to request this. Whenever I would talk to the police officer that was about to go over to the house, I would apologize. They told me it was fine because it was part of their job and understood I was a concerned daughter looking out for her father’s best interests.

One night after requesting the usual welfare check on my father, I decided to ask the police about what else I could do about the tenants. What they told me was interesting. They said that they were already aware of the situation and that they were investigating his tenants on other charges. Hmmmm. As I heard that I was wondering what other charges could there be? I really wanted to ask but I knew I they wouldn’t tell me.

The police told me that they knew his tenants were taking advantage of my father and that it wasn’t his fault. Until they had more solid evidence there was nothing they could do legally. They advised me to continue to talk to and have a relationship with my father since I was all that he had. The police said to report the tenants of any suspicious behavior to them. They also warned me not to confront them personally anymore because they were considered dangerous. Good to know! Up until that point I didn’t have any idea.

Little by little his tenants took more away from my father until one day he decided he couldn’t talk to or see me anymore. His tenants had completely and effectively brainwashed him against me. He no longer answered the phone when I called and he wouldn’t let me in the house when I came to see him.

When I went over one afternoon to check on him I found the locks were changed. 2 of his tenants (the couple with the baby) came out of my father’s backdoor and the woman told me that I was not welcome at their house anymore. She said that I had to leave before she called the police because I was trespassing. When did walking up to someone’s front or back door become trespassing?

I called her bluff and said to go ahead and call the police. I knew that I wasn’t doing anything illegal and I certainly wasn’t trespassing. I only stopped by to check on my father to insure that he was alright. The woman didn’t call my bluff so the police weren’t called. Too bad.

I said I would like to see my father. I told the woman that they can’t keep him from me. She said he wants nothing to do with us anymore & he disowned us because they were his real family now. OMG. This situation was so frustrating. These people infuriated me to no end. If I would’ve had the money I would’ve taken them to court or something just to protect my father from them.

I repeated again that I wanted to see my father to make sure he was all right otherwise I would call the police myself and have a welfare check on him right now right here. She said that I couldn’t do that since I already had requested one this week for him. I said I can request another one if need be since the police advised me to and I was perfectly within my rights to do so.

She thought about it for second and then her and her boyfriend went inside the house to see if my dad was up for company. When they came back out she told me that he was napping. How very convenient. I really wanted to walk into the house and see with my own eyes if he was really napping or not. I came back to reality when I remembered what the police said about them being dangerous. I told her I would be back another day to see him. She looked so thrilled. There was nothing else I could do so I left.

Week after week, month after month I did my weekly trips to the police department for my father’s welfare check up. In between that time I went back to my father’s house and each time I was met with the same crap. It got to the point where they would see my car pull up and they’d come out the front door to tell me that my father didn’t want to see me.

I called BS on that because I knew they were lying. I felt like my father didn’t know that I had been proactive this whole time on his behalf out of concern for his well being. His tenants would just tell him whatever they wanted to tell him and he would believe it. The tenants spoke for my father and had been for a very long time.

I was so happy one night while requesting my weekly welfare check at the police station for my father, when I heard the police tell me that it was just a matter of time before the tenants were out of his house & in jail where they belonged. Could we speed up the process please? This was going on far too long and at that time I really didn’t see an end to it.

It also got to the point when I would walk into the police station and tell them I’m here to request a welfare check on my father at this address and anyone who was behind the counter would give each other a glance and reply with yes we know that address. A little strange but not surprising considering the facts.

There were a couple of years that my father didn’t speak to me. But then something would happen to him healthwise so the hospital would call me from time to time to notify me that he was in the hospital. The girls and I would always go to be with him and I would try to talk him into evicting his tenants but it never did any good. My father always ended back at the house and the same thing would keep repeating. The only times that I was allowed to talk to him was when he was in the hospital. His so-called family never once came up to visit him. It seemed like every couple of months he was in the hospital for something minor.

The next hospital visit would be for something major. His tenants were about to pull off the biggest scam ever on my father. One they thought would keep my sister and I out of the equation for good and one that would nearly cost my father his life.

Part 8 to be continued.

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