My Ebook Is Done!

After 7 months my homeschooling ebook is finally done. I just need a lookover before it’s published to my Etsy store. My goal a month ago was to have this completed by my birthday which by the way is tomorrow February 12th. I’m right on track.

I’m so glad it’s completed. I have other ebooks for the future to self publish. The topics include poetry, spirituality, health & a sort of memoir on various stages of my life. One thing at a time.

I noticed that some things have slowed down or come to a complete stop & I realized that it’s because of this e-book. The universe wishes for the e-book to be published first so that everything else can start to flow again. Everything is a process & has a certain order that must be completed before other things can happen.

Trust that the universe has your back!

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