Migraines Suck!

I’ve had migraines since I was about 14 years old. They started after I had my 2nd eye surgery at age 13. I had this surgery on my left eye to strengthen it. I had my 1st surgery on my right eye at age 4 because it was slightly crossed.

I suffered & assumed they were just normal headaches due to PMS & my year round allergies & sinus issues. I also found out that I was a Hypoglycemic at age 13. I don’t think I really knew what the signs of migraines were. My mother & my grandfather on my dad’s side each had dealt with migraines at some point in their lives. Like me, my mother suffered from allergies & Hypoglycemia. My grandfather briefly had Type 2 Diabetes.

Even with the high carb/low protein food plan I was on for my Hypoglycemia, I still got a migraine every single day. While at school or at home almost every afternoon like clockwork I would have a migraine. Even though I was eating properly & following the food plan I still had one in the afternoon. Sometimes pain relievers helped while other times eating some crackers & cheese would help. Most times nothing worked!  BUMMER.

Speaking of allergies, I didn’t know I had allergies until I was in my early 20’s. I did get myself tested for allergies around the age of 24. I found out I’m basically allergic to nature, animals, cleaning/household products, certain foods & more! Wonderful.

As a child I couldn’t escape the allergy triggers so I felt like crap most days. When I would go for my physicals & Hypoglycemia check ups, I was told by the doctor that my headaches were most likely from the Hypoglycemia.

My grandmother never mentioned my allergy/sinus issues because my father & grandparents (his parents) felt there was nothing anyone could do about it. They both suffered with allergy/sinus problems as well. They said it was hereditary.

When a migraine would come on I had blurry vision, sensitivity to light, sound & smells, pain in & over my right eye, (never the left) fatigue, nausea, balance problems, vertigo, speech issues, numbness & pins/needle sensations. They lasted anywhere from a few hours to a day.

As I got older however, this changed. In my mid 20’s through my early 30’s I suddenly started having migraines that lasted a week. I was in such pain. Here I was with 3 girls & I still managed to get everything done: mothering, the house/daily tasks, homeschooling & more.

One day in my mid 30’s I went to the doctor which was something I never, ever did except for an emergency hospital visit. I told the doctor what was going on & she said migraines. I was like huh? I thought they were just headaches. She went through the list of symptoms with me & then then light went on!

The doctor gave me a bunch of sample boxes of Maxalt. She said to use them as directed and come back in 2 weeks. She also said to keep a food journal & track what I’m eating & bring it back to her so she could look it over.

I went home & followed her orders. I ended up having a couple migraines in that 2 week period. The Maxalt worked when I felt a migraine coming on but then two or three days later I would get another migraine & would have to repeat the process all over again. I was also keeping the food journal so the doctor could see to what foods were causing the migraines.

When I went back to the doctor she went through the food journal & saw foods that trigger migraines. On top of that she noticed that the Maxalt worked but wasn’t as effective. She asked if I wanted to try a different medicine that was similar to Maxalt. I said sure why not. She gave me some sample boxes of Relpax to try. She suggested cutting out the offending foods that trigger migraines & using the Relpax like the Maxalt. The doctor told me to come back in another 2 weeks.

I went home and did the same thing as before. I ended up having the same results. When I went back to the doctor I presented her with the information. She said this wasn’t working for me. She told me that some people need to take a daily medicine for chronic migraines. I was unfortunately one of those people.

The doctor said I could take a daily medicine & she gave me 3 or 4 options. I opted for taking  Amitriptyline. The doctor agreed & felt that Amitriptyline would be a good fit for me. She said that I would benefit by taking it nightly & it would help me get some relief.

I agreed because I liked the way she encouraged me to have a say in what I wanted to try. The doctor never pushed me into something that I didn’t want to take.

The doctor wrote me a 4 month prescription for Amitriptyline & also gave me a bunch of Maxalt & Relpax samples. She told me that I should just get the Maxalt or Relpax from her when I needed them since they were so expensive even with a copayment through my insurance.

The doctor also asked me to continue my food journal & wanted to see me in 6 weeks to see if things had improved. When I took my first dose that night I was hopeful. As the days went by I noticed that my head didn’t feel fuzzy anymore. It’s hard to explain but my head felt completely clear inside.

I didn’t have any migraines that first week. It was glorious! The weeks went by & not one migraine! I continued taking my Amitriptyline before bed each night, cut out the offending foods & kept up my food journal.

After 6 weeks I went back to the doctor & told her how much my life improved after taking the Amitriptyline. She was very pleased & asked me if I wanted to continue taking Amitriptyline. I said YES!

She laughed & she wrote me a 12 month prescription for the Amitriptyline. The doctor asked me to come back in a few months. She said she was very happy that I was feeling better but I may have to take this medicine for the rest my life. I wasn’t too thrilled about that.

Long story short, I ended up taking the Amitriptyline nightly & using the Maxalt & Relpax as needed with great success. When I went to the doctor for check ups & had my blood drawn to check my liver & each time everything was good. The doctor renewed my prescription & continued to ask me how I was feeling. I ended up taking both prescriptions about 2 years. This worked work well for me.

As time went by I was feeling pretty good so I decided to see if I needed to take the medicines anymore. I stopped taking the Amitriptyline, Maxalt & Relpax as an experiment to see what would happen. The results were favorable & I found that after a month I was still feeling good. I still had many sample boxes of Maxalt & Relpax tucked away in case of an emergency.

To this day I still have not had the amount of migraines that I’ve had in the past. When I do get a migraine it’s usually weather related. Once in awhile it may be food related but I choose not to eat it anymore.

A few years ago I decided to use a homeopathic remedy called Hyland’s Migraine Headache Relief. It works excellent when I get a migraine. This is a wonderful product to have on hand in treating one.

It’s been years since I’ve had any Maxalt or Relpax. I’m not exactly sure what changed in my body but it may be a combination of things such as doing yoga daily, becoming Vegan & purging the negative crap out of my life.

I still have a migraine now & then. Today, the weather is chilly, cloudy & rainy. Guess what that means? Yep. I have a migraine as I write this.

Have you had migraines? Let me know your experiences below in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Migraines Suck!

  1. I had severe migraines for years! Turned out my pill was the main factor. I ended up in A&E with heart palpitations as I was having mini strokes’s it was a rather scary experience but I’m okay now. When I get migraines I found it helpful to have an ice pack at hand I always keep two in the freezer just in case it’s an absolute godsend as my head get boiling hot. I find I have three kinds of migraines 1. I need to be alone in a dark room with no movement. 2. I feel like I need to eat a lot with a dull ache in the back of my head. And finally 2.The migraine that makes you want to vomit I don’t like feeling like this as I find it very hard to even move around and go out and leave the house. I try my very best to stay hydrated but you never know life is like playing migraine roulette they come and go. Sometimes they stay for three days those are the worst. X


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