Decluttering & Minimalism

I’ve never been a minimalist in the past. I’ve always been an organized clean freak & perfectionist.  I don’t deny this.  However, in September 2015 I came across 2 YouTubers: Conor McMillen (Thriving Minimalist) & Brittany Taylor who practice & talk about minimalism, veganism, healthy relationships, being authentic & more. The more I watched of them the more I ate it up & inspired I became. They as well others motivated me to do other things in my life but that’s a post for another time. If you’re interested in minimalism, veganism, positivity, being authentic & having real relationships you can view who I subscribe to on YouTube here.

I wanted to declutter my life in other areas since I was going through a personal matter. I  thought the best way to start would be with my closet & bedroom. I felt suffocated by my personal stuff.  I felt as if I couldn’t breathe or think clearly. A little background on me & my love of all things clothing & accessories. I’ve always been a clothes horse & I love boots.  In my closet I had a lot of these items plus many purses & accessories.  I had way too much & more than what I actually needed.  So I got down to business & was ruthless. If needed I can gift & donate things with no hesitation.

I began with my closet. I went through all of my clothes, shoes, purses & accessories one by one. I asked myself 2 questions:

Does this item spark joy in me?

Does this item add value to my life?

If I answered YES then the item went back on my clothes rack or in the closet. If I answered NO then the item went in a bag either for my 3 daughters or if they didn’t want the items I would then donate them.

Decluttering the closet was easy for me.  It’s not so easy for other people.  I had 2 pole racks in my closet crammed with clothing.  It was so bad that a lot of my clothes were hung together on hangers & smooshed to fit on the pole!  I never liked that but that’s how it was. When I was satisfied with my job of decluttering the closet & it’s contents, I felt quite relieved & so much lighter!  Joy ensued! 

I then worked on my bedroom.  I applied the same methods.  When I finished, I had the same feelings I had with my closet. I felt so light & free! I vowed to stay this way & make sure that I didn’t go back to having so much stuff.

I even took all of my underclothes & socks out of the dresser & into the huge shoe bag  that resided on the back of my closet door that also held my shoes & wallets. I then pushed the dresser into the closet & never used it after that. I put my t.v. & accessories which were located on the dresser in the closet as well.  All I had left in the bedroom was my bed.  Pure freedom!

As time went by I found that more things like clothing & such started creeping back into my closet & the old feelings came back again. Before I knew it I was back in the position that I was previously in! Honestly, I didn’t do anything about it. I didn’t really care at that time.

In November 2016 my personal mater was finally settled & I moved forward with my life.  I moved out of my home & into an apartment with my oldest daughter her hubby & my youngest daughter.

My oldest girl got the majority of my household things. So, I see half of my house daily in this apartment. It’s pretty funny actually! Lol! My middle girl did get items from me awhile ago when she moved into her own apartment with her spouse & daughter. She found an apartment first before my oldest did.

I always try to keep things somewhat even between all 3 of my daughters.  Where I live now I have a closet to share with my youngest daughter & it’s not a problem. Basically, my whole life is in this closet & it’s quite nice.

This past May Veronica Krestow another YouTuber that I subscribe to had an awesome video of her practicing the KonMari Method of decluttering.  I took this as a sign that I was to declutter once more for good this time. As I said I was having some of the same suffocated feelings as before but I didn’t want to do anything about it.

I watched the video & afterwards I was inspired to take charge of the stuff that was weighing me down once more. I marched back into my closet & decided to be even more ruthless! I thought to myself how much does 1 person really need? The answer is not that much! So I did the same thing as before but this time there was a twist in my game plan. I asked myself:

Does this item spark joy in me?

Does this item add value to my life?

As I took the clothes off the hangers & answered the questions, I then decided to only keep these colors:

blue or purple





I didn’t have a lot of blue or purple but I did have a few pieces of clothing that I really loved so I kept them.  I also found as I did this that I had a lot of grey clothing.  Not by choice-it just happened that way. Currently, I have a lot of grey shirts with a pop of color on them but it’s basically considered grey to me.

I reasoned that if I kept & wore 4 basic colors in black, grey, white & brown then I would never have to worry about matching anything.  This was brilliant!  This rule doesn’t apply to all of my workout/yoga wear, rompers, dresses & bikini.  I like these items to be colorful.

I then looked at my collection of boots & shoes.  I saw that I had accumulated many more pairs than I should have.  I made up my mind to keep only 7 pairs.  So I kept 2 black boots, 1 pair of brown fake Uggs which I only wear in winter, 2 black & grey tennis shoes & 2 black flip flops.

After shoe purging I decluttered all of my purses, bags, wallets, scarves & other personal clothing items. The items that I didn’t need or want was again put in a bag for my 3 daughters. If they didn’t want any of the items the bag would then go to the thrift store for donation.

I do love watching capsule wardrobe videos but for me I’m not interested in actually doing one.  It’s great for others who wish to do a capsule wardrobe but it’s not for me.

The below list is what I currently have in my closet & how I have it set up according to sleeve length & color starting with blue/purple, black, grey, white & brown:

2 Long Sleeve Shirts-blue

4 Quarter Sleeve Shirts-2 purple & grey & 2 grey

5 Short Sleeve Shirts-1 blue & 4 grey

12 Tank Tops-2 blue, 2 purple, 2 grey, 5 whites & 1 brown

7 Sleeveless Crop Tops-3 black, 2 grey, 1 white & 1 brown

2 Long Sleeve Bodysuits-1 blue & 1 grey

3 Long Sleeve Cardigans-1 blue, 1 black & 1 brown

1 Sleeveless Cardigan-1 grey

7 Sleeveless Workout/Yoga Wear-2 blue, 4 black & 1 grey & black

3 Rompers-1 blue, 1 purple & 1 black & white

3 Sleeveless Dresses-2 multicolored & 1 black

1 Long Sleeve Dress-black & white

2 Short Sleeveless Jean Jackets-1 dark & 1 light

3 Sweatshirts-1 green, (was a gift) 1 purple & 1 grey

1 Bikini-black & multicolored

2 Jeans-1 boyfriend cuffed (which could double as Capris) & 1 high waisted

4 Jean Shorts-2 regular, 1 high waisted & 1 olive green

2 Dressy Shorts-1 black & grey & 1 black & white

3 Patterned Long Workout/Yoga Pants-1 blue/black, 1 grey/white/black & 1 multicolored

3 Patterned Capri Workout/Yoga Pants-1 purple/black, 1 black & 1 grey/black

4 Workout/Yoga Shorts-1 orange & grey, 1 blue & grey, 1 solid blue-purple & 1 solid pink

2 Fleece leggings-1 black & 1 grey/black

2 Short Spring/Summer Jackets-1 red & 1 sage green

2 Short Fall/Winter Coats-1 grey & 1 leopard print

1 Long Winter Coat-black

2 Scarves-1 purple & 1 black

2 Purses-1 buttery yellow & 1 grey/black

2 Big Wallets-1 black & 1 grey

1 Small Wallet-grey

1 Backpack Bag-black & white

2 Tennis Shoes-1 black & 1 grey

3 Boots-2 black & 1 brown

2 Flip Flops-2 black

After writing this all down it looks like I still have a lot of items but I’m content with this list for now. I plan on buying the book below Marie Kondo. I’ve heard really good things about it.

Are you a minimalist? What has your journey been like? Please share below!

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