Herbal Medicine Journey

I’m often asked what herbals I use for health. I’ve used herbal medicine since 1995. The first herbal that I used was Desert Herb Combination in capsule from Natures Secrets.

The list of ingredients are:
Desert Herb
Marshmallow Root
Valerian Root
Burdock Root
Cayenne Fruit
Golden Seal Root
Juniper Berries
Licorice Root
Parsley Leaves
Parsley Root
Astragalus Root
Blessed Thistle

I had my grandma who was open to herbals try this with me. This is a powerful herbal for the use of hay fever, allergies & sinus issues, something we both had. After taking the combination for a few days, I noticed that my allergies were greatly reduced.  This is around the time that I started buying herbal books.  I had a few natural remedy encyclopedia books that I referred to when needed.  This was before the internet so I had to rely on actual books for my information!

I soon found a natural health food store in my hometown that was 3 blocks away from my home which I started frequenting on a weekly basis. I became good friends with the owner & learned a lot from him.  I literally called him up or went in to the store to ask him for advice about anything that I needed clarification on.

Some examples of my questions would be:
how to use a master cleanse
what adult & kid vitamin brands are the best
what herbals & teas do I use for anxiety/colds/pms
why is my pee bright yellow after taking a certain vitamin supplement
what exactly is tofu

When I expressed my concerns he never blinked an eye & addressed them with ease & never made me uncomfortable. He was so helpful & had a natural way about him that made him extremely personable!

This was also the time that I started experimenting with various herbal tea combinations. I always drank tea but they were the usual flavors: black, chamomile & Earl Grey.  All good but not very diverse overall.  When I saw the different tea combos at the health food store I was in heaven! I saw a variety of single herbal teas as well as combinations.

My 2 oldest daughters (a preschooler & toddler) always came along with me to the store & loved shopping there. This store also carried a decent line of organic foods as well as bath & body products which I also bought from there as well. At this time, I was a newbie vegetarian & was trying various foods such as tofu & other organic food products.

I still remember the owners huge display of teas & supplements that started next to the storefront window & ran down along the side of the store. I would take about an hour each trip just looking at everything. The prices were affordable & myself being such a loyal customer, I often got discounts which I appreciated

When I bought organic food like tofu from the health food store, I had my grandma try it along with me & the girls. My grandma was always up for it. I remember us trying tofu & not liking it. We tried it & that was the point.  Be open minded enough to experiment & go with the flow. 

My grandmas mother was knowledgable in herbals & natural home remedies so she was very interested in trying out different things with me. Growing up my grandma used some of these practices on my sister & I. As an adult, I didn’t practice everything she mentioned because some things weren’t needed at that time. On things I needed advice on I always took her suggestions for myself or my girls.  

Below is an awesome book called A Modern Herbal by M. Grieve that I used for reference. I found this book informative & helpful in understanding the history, properties & uses of herbs. This book has circulated for years online as a starting point for beginners. I love this book. It’s my go to!

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