Goddess Spirituality Book

I’ve always felt in tune to the moon & earth.  It’s important for us as women to stay connected to our ancient roots. Our herstory goes back to the ancients & Her traditions are timeless. When my 3 daughters were growing up, I shared with them my beliefs in the Mother Goddess. I shared stories, books, & other forms of media with them in order to educate them. I don’t follow a particular path but rather prefer to remain open minded.  I was raised Roman Catholic where there was often talk of Angels & Guardian Angels. Mother Mary was highly revered & is considered a Mother Goddess.  I believe in a spiritual being who I recognize as the Goddess, who has been here since the beginning of time.  I call upon Her when I’m upset, sad, happy, or just need to manifest something in my life.

I thank the Goddess daily with prayers & have seen many good things as well as challenges throughout my life. It’s important to recognize that even in times of great stress there is a lesson in every situation that arises.  We need to step back, breathe, & allow ourselves to go with the flow.  The Goddess is in control! The universe has our back! Here are a few ways to connect with Her. The possibilities are endless.

prayer & devotions


chanting & mantras



reading books about the Goddess

writing poetry

music from artists like Libana

films & other forms of media like YouTube

finding others who share your beliefs who live around you or connect with them online such as Flourishing Goddess



earthy events such as Circle Sanctuary

There are so many ways to honor Her.  Do what feels most comfortable to you & go with it. In conclusion, I will leave you with one of my favorite Goddess spirituality books called The Great Cosmic Mother by Monica Sjoo & Barbara Mor.  )O(


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