My Homeschooling Journey Part 2

Read Part 1 of My Homeschooling Journey.

K5 for my daughter was great. What kid doesn’t love K5? My daughter had that incredible teacher who poured her heart & soul into her kids & their classroom every single day. I loved her K5 teacher. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her!

1st grade flew by with no real issues. My daughter had a strict but kind teacher. She really loved teaching & it showed. 2nd grade, however, was a totally different story. My daughter had a newbie teacher who had been teaching for about 3 years. Nothing wrong with that at all. Teachers have to learn how to deal with students & learn to manage their classrooms. In the beginning, I gave her teacher the benefit of a doubt. After all, this teacher was still getting her teaching legs so to speak. As the year went by I would hear some talk from my daughter about how her teacher spoke to the other kids in her class. It wasn’t good. Her teacher was short tempered & down right rude to many of the students. According to my daughter, her teacher singled out students & yelled a lot during class. I know this to be true because I went on a few field trips & witnessed this going on. This teacher had zero patience for teaching. None of these things was a good combination for learning. She really had no idea how to manage a classroom. I feel if you’re going to be an educator, then there are a few qualities you need to possess.

*The love of children
*The love of educating
*Respect for children’s bodies, minds, & spirits
*Effective communication
*Patience towards children’s learning & individual skills
*Organization in a classroom

After a few months, the teacher started singling out my daughter because she was having some problems learning math. I was never told by her teacher or the school directly that my daughter was having issues with the subject. There were no meetings scheduled to discuss these issues either. If I did I would’ve talked to her teacher. I tried to schedule meetings before school with her teacher but I was told she was too busy. I wrote notes on my daughter’s Math homework but never got a response. I even went to the principal’s office in the morning before going to work to speak with him but I was told he was in a meeting or wasn’t in. I felt as if I was getting blown off & I didn’t know why. I never had any dealings with the teacher or principal in the past. It made no sense.

However, one night after I came home from work I was told by my grandmother that my daughter was very upset & refused to do her homework after she ate dinner. She was crying! Something she rarely did. If my daughter cried there was a good reason. I realized that my daughter was extremely stressed out by this teacher. My grandmother agreed & I told my daughter that I would take care this.

The following morning I walked with my daughter to school (as I did every day) to speak with the principal since I couldn’t speak to her teacher. It worked out perfectly because my work was about a half mile down the street from her school. I got my daughter into her classroom & proceeded down the hall to the office. The principal was there & I asked to speak with him. He asked why I was there to speak with him? I told him I wanted to talk about my daughter’s Math issue. He told me that she had been having issues with Math for a little while. He also felt that she should be held back from going into 3rd grade. I told him that I thought that was a bit extreme. I said can’t you work with her & give her remedial Math help instead? He said they could try IEP. I said to do that then, please! I also asked if he ever read her file. He said no & I asked why? He said that there were too many files & too much to remember & it took a lot of time. I told him that if he would’ve read her file he would’ve seen that she was born in August of 1989 while the other kids were born a few months to a year after her. No answer.

I then went on to remind him that the compulsory school age in Wisconsin is 6-16 years old. I also mentioned that she was 4.5 years old when she started & that the school signed off on her starting earlier than the rest of the kids. Again, no response. The principal said that they would start IEP that week. I didn’t have time to address the teacher’s behavior because he had another meeting but I was told to schedule another date in a month to discuss my other concerns. I walked out & I scheduled that second meeting for a month in advance with the secretary. I even asked if I could get in sooner but she said no.

In the week that followed, I asked my daughter if she started IEP & she said no. I said why & she said she didn’t know. The next morning I went to the principal’s office & inquired about this. I asked if my daughter started getting the help she needed from IEP since we last spoke & the answer was no. I asked why no one told me this or kept me informed. The principal claimed that he had no knowledge of this. Right. I went away thinking the previous meeting was a waste of my time. The principal said see you in a month. Okay, I thought I will see what happens in the next month until my meeting with him.

A month later when I finally met with the principal for the third time he had the IEP educator with him. They both said that an hour ago they reviewed my daughter’s need for IEP & would like to start as soon as possible. Here we go again I thought. I asked the following questions:

*Has my daughter been receiving IEP in the month since we last spoke because she is saying no. Answer: No from both of them.

*Why did you just review her file an hour ago? Answer: No response.
If IEP hasn’t started to date, is the school actually going to start IEP with my daughter after this meeting is over? Answer: Yes. They would be starting IEP after this meeting.

*If IEP hasn’t started to date, is the school actually going to start IEP with my daughter after this meeting is over? Answer: Yes. They would be starting IEP after this meeting.

I told them that I was very disappointed in the way this IEP situation was handled. I said it’s very unprofessional! No response. Nothing. They didn’t care for my concerns or the fact that I gave my side of what was going on. They figured I would just accept whatever like some of the other parents. I tell it like it is & I question everything. If it concerns my 3 daughter’s I question everything. The principal then said maybe the teacher isn’t the problem but that I was the problem. I said no, I think it’s the teacher you have working here that doesn’t know how to treat children with respect. He then told me that my daughter’s teacher was his daughter! I asked what does that have to do with anything? For the record, I wasn’t disrespectful or difficult throughout this whole ordeal. On my jobs, I worked with people so I knew how to talk & act. I was just stating the facts on my end & defending my daughter regarding her teacher singling her out & her need for IEP.

True to their word (finally the third time around) IEP started working with my daughter in strengthening her Math skills. Sad to say, her 2nd grade teacher continued to treat the class poorly & I couldn’t wait until my daughter was done for the school year. She did get through the rest of the year & went on to 3rd grade. Her 3rd grade teacher was a gem! That’s the next part of the journey…

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I am a spiritual stay at home mom and home educator. I have been home educating since 1999. I believe that I have acquired much wisdom in this area. Home education has always been a passion of mine and I wish to share my experiences as well as my support to others. I am also the owner of the GypsySoulSeed website and Etsy. Read my blog & follow me on social media!

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