Essential Oils

I’ve always been into alternative health methods. I use herbals/homeopathics for health, follow a raw/vegan food plan, take walks, do yoga & ab crunches daily. My journey with essential oils began over a year ago in mid to late winter. Both of my 2 older daughters’ married brothers so one evening while visiting my daughters’ mother in law Anita, I noticed that she had an essential oil diffuser going in the kitchen. It smelt wonderful! I inquired about the oils that she was using in the diffuser, & she said that they were from her doTerra kit. I was intrigued so I asked to see the kit & please tell me more about oils for health. Anita’s kit was awesome! She had all kinds of oils & she offered to make me a few. I asked her if she could blend me a Serenity, Digestzen & Healthy Body mixture. I credit her with getting me into essential oils.

When I returned home I researched essential oils for health. I was obsessed with purchasing my own kit however, it was expensive even for a starter pack. I looked into many different essential oil companies & they were all about the same prices or more. After searching & reading a while more, I decided to wait on buying my own oils. I was disappointed but I reminded myself that I had the oils Anita blended for me & that I needed to be content with those for now. The oils from Anita were wonderful & helped me a lot. I used them daily & also used them on my youngest daughter when needed.

One weekend last spring I was surfing through Etsy & decided to search for oils & see what I could find that was affordable. I hit the motherload of essential oils. There were so many to choose from! When I looked through some of the shops I decided that buying an oil starter pack was still too expensive so I started looking at singles. That was much easier! I picked out an essential oil case & a bunch of blends from various Etsy shops. It was very hard to wait for the case & oils to come. I was too excited because I couldn’t wait to show them to my 3 daughters.

Finally, after 1-2 weeks my orders came. I had bought about 10-12 oils that were already blended for specific health purposes. I was in heaven! I put all of my previous & new oils alphabetically in the new case, sat back & gazed at it for a while. For real. I do things like that. In the summertime, my oldest daughter & I learned to blend our own oils using coconut oil. You can use other oils but coconut oil is the most popular. The case I originally bought has since been given to my oldest daughter who stores her own growing oil stash in it. Recently, I’ve upgraded to a larger case to store my essential oils in as you will see below.

Another great way to use essential oils are in essential oil diffusers. They’re wonderful for purifying the air in your home. I love my diffuser! My favorite oils to use are chamomile, lavender, lemongrass, lotus, orange & peppermint. I bought my diffuser at Barnes & Noble bookstore. It changes colors & has many features. In a future post I will list the shops that I bought my oils from. I also encourage you to seek out information on essential oils for health yourself. They’re very beneficial for one’s mind, body & spirit.


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