Pink Himalayan Rock Salt in my Shop

I’m selling Pink Himalayan Rock Salt in my Etsy shop GypsySoulSeed.

Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt is excellent for protection & detoxifying the home. Salt also can be used for Crystal Therapy & Energy Cleansing by purifying, cleansing, dispelling negativity & releasing attachments. Pink Himalayan Salt has strong grounding & centering energies which are great for any home or other personal space, such as meditation. As a purification tool salt rock lamps can also help with EMF Protection by reducing ones exposure to dangerous EMF.

For healing purposes and as in the body salt rock has been known to balance your pH, improve hydration, relax muscles, reduce cramps, helps maintain blood sugar levels, supports hormonal balance for all, helps maintain & balance blood pressure, improves sleep quality, supports weight loss & more.

This listing is for 1 raw crystal salt rock chunk. Each rock is approximately 1 inch long. Will vary in size & color. Each order is randomly hand picked for you with care.



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I am a spiritual stay at home mom and home educator. I have been home educating since 1999. I believe that I have acquired much wisdom in this area. Home education has always been a passion of mine and I wish to share my experiences as well as my support to others. I am also the owner of the GypsySoulSeed website and Etsy. Read my blog & follow me on social media!

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